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Lewis J. Perelman
Author, Analyst, Consultant

Dr. Lewis Perelman has more than four decades of experience as an analyst, consultant, author, publisher, and teacher focused on the processes of innovation and transformation.

Dr. Perelman has excelled at tackling emergent, complex problems for which there are no textbook solutions. A unifying theme of his work in diverse fields has been to apply general systems concepts to untangle messy, strategic issues that blend social, technical, economic, and environmental factors. His multidisciplinary training in physical, environmental, social, and behavioral sciences has enabled him to bring a fresh perspective to problems that often have stymied specialists.

Key issues Dr. Perelman’s work has addressed include: the transformation of the education, training, and employment complex;  the development and adoption of alternative energy technologies; infrastructure security, resilience, and adaptability; climate change; knowledge sharing and collaboration; human capital investment; and sustainable business and economic development.

An internationally recognized thought leader, Dr. Perelman introduced the concepts of human-centered innovation, the learning enterprise, hypermation, hyperlearning, worst practices, dynamic ignorance, and kanbrain (which management expert Tom Peters proclaimed “the idea of the year”). He has been author, contributor, and/or editor of 13 books and over 100 reports and publications.

In his work as a policy analyst, strategist, planner, and evaluator, Dr. Perelman has helped public and private organizations to improve performance, achieve goals, manage risks, develop and implement effective innovations, and reduce costs—saving them over $300 million.

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